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Born and raised in Southern California, Joseph has been a photographer since the age of nine. That is when his mother and the rest of his family chipped in to buy him a used 35 mm camera for Christmas. He would learn the basics of photography from his favorite uncle who was a cinematographer in Hollywood.


At that young age, Joseph became fascinated with the technical aspects of photography; how the camera worked, how lenses affect the image, and how to use natural light & shadows in composition. He would learn by trial and error when photographing landscapes, trees, and rock formations while on family camping trips.


While in high school, Joseph learned about darkroom techniques and “wet” processing of images. The “warm analog” feeling of film and printing techniques are what still inspires his eye for color and contrast, while still embracing the advantages of digital photography.


After transferring to UCLA, Joseph studied cinematography and fine art. Upon leaving college he worked for various production companies as a videographer, segment producer, and finally an editor. That is when he was hired as a camera operator to shoot video and still photos for a few LA based fashion publications. At that point he discovered that women, fashion, and the female-form would become his main photographic subject, taking inspiration from the work of his idols; Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh, and Anton Corbijn.


Joseph currently lives in Los Angeles with his partner Laura and their dog Caber.

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